Elli and Ben specialise in 'Hand to Hand' acrobatics, an advanced circus discipline involving two or more people using each others' bodies integrally to perform highly visual displays of acrobatic prowess. The skills involved take many years of dedicated training to achieve, but the pay-off is that it allows for a uniquely dramatic and exciting performance.



Millisecond-perfect timing and accuracy are required when the acrobats fly and flip up to 4 metres in the air, only to land safely and softly in each others grip. This form of contemporary acrobatics is a captivating juxtaposition of explosive strength and precision with elegance, poise and grace. Elli is the flyer- the one doing the handstands and soaring through the air creating beauty. Ben is the one who provides the flight and balance, the launchpad enabling Elli to fly.


Ben Collis

Ben has been training in partner acrobatics and acrobatic dance since 2008, and has been teaching and performing for the past 4 years. He has trained and taught workshops in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, and currently attends Doch (Dans och Cirkushögskolan) in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the bottom half of Analogue Acrobatics, which he formed with Elli


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"Ben and Elli are keen to explore the limits of what they can do, and they haven't found those limits yet! Exciting dynamic acrobatcs" - Val Beattie of Aviatricks

Elli Künkele

Elli started her acrobatic training in a youth circus in Germany, and soon discovered a love for partner acrobatics. She has focused on that ever since and has developed a range of other skills, such as contortion, handstands, hair hanging, banquine and tight wire. She spent most of 2013 in China training in handstands and contortion at Beijing International Arts School, and graduated 2018 from DOCH in Stockholm. She is the top half of Analogue Acrobatics, company member of Kaaos Kaamos, Kompani Giraff and Cirkus Cirkör's new production BLOOM.

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